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We believe the future of our planet depends on a thoughtful transition to a clean, secure, renewable and recyclable energy system.
At Lightening Grid Québec, we're building that future today.

Introducing Lightening Grid Québec (LGQ) which in Québec operates as Réseau Allégé Québec (RAQ), founded on 20 + years of advanced energy storage technology, expertise and breakthrough power solutions. All in the service of a more sustainable, reliable electric grid and more convenient, affordable, and support for electric mobility.


We deliver all this through a secure North American supply chain and a locally sourced workforce.   

We're backed by years of experience and technical innovation building innovative, industry- leading, energy management systems, cells, modules and battery systems.


Our decades of prior work, providing robust and secure solutions to the US military, gives us the ability to provide superior commercial applications across multiple applications. Our company’s leadership has been collaborating with Quebec and Hydro Quebec since 2008.


Our Core Principles:

Commitment to honesty

and integrity

Maintain a creative,

solutions-oriented mindset

To be part of the solution while remaining flexible and resilient

Our Technology

We've amassed a portfolio of intellectual property comprising over 100 patents and patents pending as well as established products in high-margin defense, emergency services and critical infrastructure applications.

Lightening Grid Quebec’s / Réseau Allégé Québec’s proven technology can substitute for legacy energy storage and management systems.


  • Safety

  • Security 

  • Charging Speed

  • Portability

  • Recyclability

  • Economic Sustainability

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Battery Racks
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The Lightening Grid Quebec Project

Lightening Grid Quebec (LGQ)/ Réseau Allégé Québec (RAQ) is presently completing site selection, financing leading to Giga-scale mass manufacturing. The state-of-the-art factory will provide vertically integrated, mass production of our innovative technology and products. The resulting operation also will add hundreds of high-quality jobs to the economy, making an important contribution to economic re-invigoration during the post-COVID


economy. In the near future, product installations will boost security and efficiency of the grid along with enabling net reductions in carbon emissions.

  • Ultra-rapid recharging

  • Better thermal efficiency

  • Better fire and safety risk mitigation

  • Resilience to weaponization

  • Resilience to EMP and HMP (solar flares and weapons)

  • Resilience to impact

  • Structural advantages

  • Longer life

  • Lower lifecycle cost

  • Designed for Recyclability

  • Integrated software, smart technology and AI features 

  • Performance optimization

  • Economic optimization


Our team has over 150 years of cumulated experience in the batteries, power, infrastructure, automotive and aerospace segments.

Epstein Anchor

Michael Epstein,

Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

As an accomplished entrepreneur in multiple sectors including power/energy, mobility and device technology, Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lightergy, Michael Epstein manages the company’s overall operations of all divisions.

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Levine Anchor
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Guy Laliberté

Chief Operating Officer 

With 40 years of experience in mining and metallurgical project management, Guy Laliberté is a seasoned leader and engineer who recently served as CEO of Sayona Québec, a lithium mining and concentrate producer. 

Lozada Anchor

Dr. Zuleica Lozada,


Dr. Zuleica Lozada has more than 9 years of experience in development of advanced materials and processes in the power/energy related field, including advanced technology for synthesizing power and energy materials.

Lovejoy Anchor

Wiliam Lovejoy,


William Lovejoy, General Manager of automotive consulting firm Lovejoy & Associates, has served as an advisor to Lightergy since 2009. Previously, he served as director to Penske Automotive Group where he was also a board member.

Hopkins Anchor

Tom Hopkins,


Tom Hopkins, founder and Managing Director of Colchester Capital, LLC, has served as an advisor to Lightergy since 2014. In addition to his principal activities, Tom has many years of investment banking experience at Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearn and Drexel Burnham Lambert. In addition he has extensive experience in restructurings and leverage finance.

Zaghib Anchor

Dr. Karim Zaghib,


Dr. Karim Zaghib is a world-renowned scientist who specializes in rechargeable batteries, energy transition and the electrification of transportation. His many seminal scientific publications in these fields have earned him numerous honors and distinctions. Dr. Zaghib is named as an inventor in over 600 patents and 62 licenses.

Siegel Anchor

Jaime Siegel,

SVP, Intellectual Property

Jaime Siegel is Senior Vice President of Intellectual Property and has served as an Advisor to Lightergy since its founding. He has extensive experience in all aspects of international intellectual property matters.

Joseph Anchor

George Joseph,

SVP of Development

and Strategy

George Joseph is Sr. Vice President of Development and Strategy and has also served as Advisor to the Company for over a dozen years. In his 35-year career at Ford, Mr. Joseph held a variety of Corporate Finance and Technology Acquisitions assignments, retiring as Director, Global Technology M & A with responsibility for worldwide technology mergers, acquisitions and business development.

Chimaobi Archor

Chimaobi Ibeh,


Chimaobi Ibeh Manages Lightening Energy’s advanced prototyping and development laboratory in New Jersey. He is intimately involved in our programs related to advanced materials for Li-ion battery materials and applications.  


Eric Materniak,


In addition to serving as an Advisor to Lightergy, Eric Materniak is a Principal Engineer at Northrop Grumman where he works with advanced battery technology in a variety of space systems. He holds a B.S. degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.


Société Générale

Société Générale has been at the forefront of sustainable finance for over 20 years and has embedded positive impact solutions across all of its advisory, financing and investment activities.  Société Générale was recently named “Bank of the Year for Sustainability” by the International Financing Review (IFR) for its leading role in financing the energy transition and serves as an advisor to Lightening Grid Quebec. 


RBC Capital Markets

RBC Capital Markets is part of a leading provider of financial services, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and serves as an advisor to Lightening Grid Quebec. Founded in 1864, RBC is one of the largest banks in the world and the fifth largest in North America, as measured by market capitalization. With a strong capital base and consistent financial performance, RBC is among a small group of highly rated global banks.

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